Vintage Influencers: Charles Frederick Worth

A true couturier creates an entire piece by hand — no machines. It’s hard to find true couture today but back in the 1800s, it was a lot more common. However, fashion designers were not labeling their creations and therefore, a lot of victorian era clothing has no labels. The first known couturier and the…

Vintage Travels: Edisto, South Carolina

In a previous post, I mention I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina. I went to school in the south so I was familiar with the area. There is this amazing place on Edisto Island.

Happy Birthday To ME

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Vintage Travels: Fort Sumter

This summer, I took a trip to the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. This is one of my favorite places in the US and if you’re an avid vintage lover like myself, you will definitely not be disappointed with the preservation of this historic city. Even though I have been to Charleston many times, we did…

The History of Clothing Sizes

The ideal body shape has changed in many ways over the course of time, moving from slender shapes to exaggerated hips to exaggerated busts and circle back to today where any size is deemed beautiful. Well, with the change of ideal bodies also changed the sizing of garments. Meaning, a size 8 in 1940 does…

Tea in an Old Town

In celebration of a colleague’s retirement, we gathered at Teaberry’s in Flemington (New Jersey). It was my first time there and I just thought it would be your typical tea (maybe more like coffee) place. It wasn’t and I was highly pleased with my experience. It brings old time charm to the simple idea of…

Mixing Vintage Into Your Modern Day Wardrobe

Today’s fashion trends are not outlined like the trends of the past were. The past decades had very specific trends that people followed. For example, the 70s introduced wide leg, blue jeans and everyone who was anyone, had a pair (or three). Today, everyone is blown into so many directions with fashion, there is no…

2016 Holiday Gift Guide For The Vintage Lover

Holidays are around the corner and your special someone (or even YOU) deserves a one of a kind, never gonna find it anywhere else, type of gift. Use code HOLIDAY20 to get 20% your purchase of $10+ until 12/24

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Vintage

There are many reasons why I decided to go into the vintage fashion business and people always look at me a little crooked like “you’re collecting someone’s smelly used clothes.” No, my dear, I am collecting much more than old clothes. I am preserving an art, a quality, a piece of history that will never…

Vintage Find: Winter Jackets

The temperature is dropping and winter is right around the corner! Through the summer, I have been thrifting around endlessly (because I love that job!) I have found many amazing jackets to keep you warm through the harsh months, full of different styles, colors, and silhouettes! Take a look at our one-of-a-kind finds!