Selling on Etsy vs. Poshmark

Last week, I announced on Instagram that I made the switch from selling on Etsy to Poshmark. It was a big decision to switch platforms and leave my following behind but I will discuss what sparked my change of heart.

The 1950s & 60s Trend We Don’t Appreciate

In a time where we see fashion repeat itself and take heavy influence from the past, we see one trend that seems to be slowly dying. But what could it be? We see high waisted shorts and well tailored dresses being brought back. However, we are overlooking one influential tradition that helped shaped fashion during…

Another Awesome Haul

Another great flea market haul in the books! There is almost this competitive feel to the pop-up weekend flea markets that makes it fun. This time there was no rain and no mud! So that’s always a plus. Let’s get right to it. Here are the newest additions:

Happy Birthday To ME

In honor of my birthday, I am giving YOU 20% off your purchase of $50 or more with code 20OFF50! Check out all of your latest vintage items (including our sales) and spice up your wardrobe for fall! Shop here:

Flea Market Haul

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well the showers carry into may and create this mudslide that I had to hurdle in order to find some of the best vintage I’ve laid my eyes on. I literally was skiing in mud. It was a fun change of pace from normal walking. ANYWAY. The vintage I…

Mixing Vintage Into Your Modern Day Wardrobe

Today’s fashion trends are not outlined like the trends of the past were. The past decades had very specific trends that people followed. For example, the 70s introduced wide leg, blue jeans and everyone who was anyone, had a pair (or three). Today, everyone is blown into so many directions with fashion, there is no…

The 80s Revival

According to some of the top fashion industry news outlets, the 80s are making a return in 2017. Not only bright colors are making a come back but you will also see a lot of strong, sculpted shoulders and bomber jackets. Loud prints are always an 80s must-have look.┬áLucky for you, we have some of…

2016 Holiday Gift Guide For The Vintage Lover

Holidays are around the corner and your special someone (or even YOU) deserves a one of a kind, never gonna find it anywhere else, type of gift. Use code HOLIDAY20 to get 20% your purchase of $10+ until 12/24

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Vintage

There are many reasons why I decided to go into the vintage fashion business and people always look at me a little crooked like “you’re collecting someone’s smelly used clothes.” No, my dear, I am collecting much more than old clothes. I am preserving an art, a quality, a piece of history that will never…