Vintage Travels: Boston, MA

I recently took a trip to Boston and completed the Freedom Trail. I went to Boston when I was younger, however, I literally remember nothing so I took advantage of spring break and went for the weekend.

Vintage Travels: USS Yorktown

Charleston is rich in history and not only from the Civil War. On Mount Pleasant, there is a US aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown that was active during World War II. 

Vintage Travels: Edisto, South Carolina

In a previous post, I mention I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina. I went to school in the south so I was familiar with the area. There is this amazing place on Edisto Island.

Vintage Travels: Fort Sumter

This summer, I took a trip to the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. This is one of my favorite places in the US and if you’re an avid vintage lover like myself, you will definitely not be disappointed with the preservation of this historic city. Even though I have been to Charleston many times, we did…

Tea in an Old Town

In celebration of a colleague’s retirement, we gathered at Teaberry’s in Flemington (New Jersey). It was my first time there and I just thought it would be your typical tea (maybe more like coffee) place. It wasn’t and I was highly pleased with my experience. It brings old time charm to the simple idea of…

Vintage Travels: Maine

Summer is the time for vacations and this year, I traveled all the way to Maine! My boyfriend and I actually survived an 8 hour car ride (GO US). It was a fun experience and definitely a must see for everything VINTAGE! If your thinking about traveling to the New England area, definitely check out…

Vintage Travels: NOLA

Last month, I took a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, to celebrate my friends getting married. It was a great trip and I took advantage of doing a lot of sightseeing to get the feel of the history behind this beautiful city. I went during the French Quarter Festival so there was a lot of…

Vintage Travels: Fort Pulaski

While I attended college in Savannah, I traveled a lot and saw some of the rich, American history. On an overcast day, I went and checked out Fort Pulaski. The historical monument is wonderfully preserved. After we paid at the gate, we went and parked and we chose to just walk the self guided tour….

Vintage Travels: Savannah, Georgia

I attended college in the beautiful Savannah, Georgia. I loved everything about the city. It’s rich in history and delicious food and the locals are delightful. In my two years of living in the south, I took advantage of traveling and learning as much as I possibly could.

Blast From the Past: 1920s

Every year on Governors Island there is The Jazz Age Lawn Party where everyone dresses up in outfits straight out of the 1920s. It’s amazing how dedicated people were to the theme. The food and beverages are awesome and everything is really played to the Jazz Age. The Dreamland Orchestra plays the best music and…