Selling on Etsy vs. Poshmark

Last week, I announced on Instagram that I made the switch from selling on Etsy to Poshmark. It was a big decision to switch platforms and leave my following behind but I will discuss what sparked my change of heart.

For those of you that are not familiar with selling clothing online, there are several options out there. I began using Etsy in 2015 to sell the vintage clothing that I so passionately talk about on here. There was a period where I had multiple orders going out every week, had so many “favorites” daily, and I was loving the feedback from buyers. Then, it suddenly stopped.

I understand that sales will fluctuate and this is common but I found it very hard to get started going again. I found it very odd that even my “favorites” came to a halt. I studied Etsy algorithms and understanding how to sell successfully but anything I did didn’t seem to make significant changes to my sales or my traffic. It seemed like the only way I was going to get noticed was if I paid for advertising, which is not guaranteed to bring in sales.

I have had the Poshmark app on my phone for many years to resell my modern clothing and not taking it very seriously (I don’t know why). I kinda know why. I felt that the vintage clothing was my main focus I wanted to make that my legacy and Poshmark was whatever. My cousin was telling me how she has been selling on Poshmark and she’s been making some side money so I decided to revisit this idea. I was searching for vintage fashion to see if the market was similar to Etsy’s and wouldn’t ya know, IT IS.

Poshmark allows there to be a more personal connection to the buyers and it acts as more of a community. On the app, users follow each other and like or share each other’s listings. That’s right, there are other users with huge followings sharing my listings. So not only are my listings getting shared to my 16k followers, another user with 80k just shared it as well. Poshmark allows my items to be seen by more potential buyers.

Aside from the amount of exposure, the app allows me to offer more sales to interested buyers. Right now, I currently have a Bundle Sale going on for 20% off 4+ items. I am also able to offer sale prices to anyone who likes my items AND they can make an offer. Offers and negotiating sound a little annoying but in the end, I want someone who is going to appreciate the clothing.

There are other sites that offer the same type of setup but Poshmark has a larger community and it is super easy to use. I feel like I am more in control with marketing my items and overall, the success of the sale.

Follow my journey on Instagram and Poshmark!

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