Vintage Travels: Boston, MA

I recently took a trip to Boston and completed the Freedom Trail. I went to Boston when I was younger, however, I literally remember nothing so I took advantage of spring break and went for the weekend.

As you should know, I love all things old and preserved. The city of Boston is important to US history because this is where major events for the Revolutionary War took place and the city and its people take great care to upkeep the historical aspect of the buildings.

In Boston, we completed the Freedom Trail which takes you to different historical places around the city. Major points along the way were The Battle of Bunker Hill, USS Constitution, The Old State House, three grave yards (including Sam Adams and Paul Revere), The Old North Church, and others. It was a great way to go back and revisit history of that time.

The churches were amazing and unique in their own. They had booths for families instead of pews. It was beautiful.

The best part was the old uniforms and clothing they had on display. I fell in love with the shoes and they are so trendy I have a pair that is similar to them! Also, peep that embroidery on the stomacher — all by hand! Sewing machines were not invented yet so all of the sewing was done by hand.

And the final picture is for your enjoyment…


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