1950s Clear Bags Were A MUST

So many handbag trends go in and out over time, it us about time clear bags from the 50s make their comeback.

My grandmother is all about giving me lessons about the 50s and 60s because 1. the 50s are my favorite decade and 2. she lived it so she has so much insight.

With the 50s being my favorite decade, I feel that I know it pretty well. With that said, my grandmother schooled me on clear handbags. I know that they made an appearance in the 90s and again in recent years but I didn’t see it as a 50s trend. In the words of my grandmother: “We thought we were somethin’ ” and oh, Gram, I’m sure you were hot stuff (sassy snapping of fingers).


As my grandmother explained to me, they would not keep them completely clear, the trend that we have seen recently. They would put colored scarves in the bags to match their outfits. The idea was to make the bad more practical by matching more outfits.

I could see this trend making it’s way back. I think people today have the clear bags but have it so you can see their YSL lipstick and such. I would like to see this make a come back. I feel like there are way cooler items to be seen in the bag that could really make someone do a double take.

Recently listed: scarves meant for the clear bag, according to my Grandma:


*more will be added gradually


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