Vintage Travels: USS Yorktown

Charleston is rich in history and not only from the Civil War. On Mount Pleasant, there is a US aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown that was active during World War II. 

About 3/4 of the way through the exhibit I was bummed to find out this is not the original USS Yorktown but the USS Yorktown (CV-10). The original ship lost during the Battle of Midway in 1942 but was highly decorated and a key piece in fighting during WWII. The CV-10 was commissioned in the 1943.  This ship has traveled the world and assisted in many of America’s naval voyages.

One of my favorite pieces in the exhibit was a sailor’s hat. Next to the hat was a note that said “Purchased at a thrift store in California for $0.50, the Yorktown Dixie Cup belonged to C.F. Laws, an original crew member.” DSC_0048

Once on the ship, the main floor has many  aircrafts and information about the USS Yorktown’s journeys. You are also allowed to go below deck and while it’s only slightly claustrophobic, it was a really amazing experience.

This museum is amazing and full of information, I could really imagine all the men o the ship walking around and doing their duties. Definitely worth the trip!

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