Vintage Travels: Fort Sumter

This summer, I took a trip to the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. This is one of my favorite places in the US and if you’re an avid vintage lover like myself, you will definitely not be disappointed with the preservation of this historic city. Even though I have been to Charleston many times, we did many things that were new to me, one being Fort Sumter. 

Fort Sumter is only accessible by boat so we had to catch a wonderful ferry ride that took us in the Charleston harbor where you can see the iconic Ravenel Bridge and downtown Charleston. We took the ferry from the Fort Sumter Museum in Charleston (next to the aquarium) which was a beautiful view.


The ferry then takes you the fort, on it’s own island and allows you to explore on your own. There was a lot of history and the park rangers are very knowledgeable on the history to answer any questions about what took place in 1861.


Short version: this is where the Civil War began.

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To read more about the history, check out Fort Sumter on History’s website:

My overall experience was amazing here. I enjoyed the history and the structure and architecture of the fort. It’s an amazing story and to think, the civil war started where I was standing.

Check out my visit to Middleton Place, South Carolina. I visit a while back and went again this trip (it ever gets boring). I’ve updated it with new photos. Check it out!

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