Tea in an Old Town

In celebration of a colleague’s retirement, we gathered at Teaberry’s in Flemington (New Jersey). It was my first time there and I just thought it would be your typical tea (maybe more like coffee) place. It wasn’t and I was highly pleased with my experience. It brings old time charm to the simple idea of tea.

Flemington is a small village in New Jersey, mainly known for holding the Lindbergh trial. This small house-turned-restaurant is down the street from the infamous court house that still stands there today.

Teaberry’s has a special kind of charm that includes over 100 types of tea and a variety of food to accommodate. I only happen to get pictures of the bathroom (fully stocked with vintage hats and accessories) but the entire restaurant is built in an old home and gives you the feeling of being in your grandma’s home. As silly as it sounds, it was pretty amazing.


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