Restoration of a Vintage Lace Wedding Dress

Whilst on one of my thrifting adventures, I came across this very lovely, very discolored, wedding dress. I thought it had a world of potential.



Vintage lace is probably my favorite fabric of all time. It holds so much history in the piece. Although, it holds a lot of potential for discoloring.

I found this dress a weird peach color, darker in some spots. It was very hard to tell what the original color was at first but with my *magic* I was able to bring the dress back to life.

The lace is too delicate to be dry cleaned so I had to find an alternative. Borax, I found out, is a great solution.


I filled a tub with hot water to dissolve the Borax and allowed it to cool before placing the dress in the tub to soak. I checked on it at about 30 minutes and I found a gross tub of yellowish water. (YUM!) I rinsed the dress and repeat the steps two more times.

It’s hard to get a perfect white lace from dirty lace mixed with it’s age and the debate state of the dress but I think it came out great. I love this dress and I think it really has it’s own personality.


How did it come out?! I think it will be perfect for that vintage bride!

Check the dress out on Etsy!


A wonderful young lady bought the dress and she is stunning!


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