2016 Holiday Gift Guide For The Vintage Lover

Holidays are around the corner and your special someone (or even YOU) deserves a one of a kind, never gonna find it anywhere else, type of gift. Use code HOLIDAY20 to get 20% your purchase of $10+ until 12/24winter_clutch_blouse

1960s White Blouse  $19.99 | 1960s Black Clutch $24.99


1950s Pearl Necklaces $19.99 each


1950s Classic Pearl Necklace $9.99 | 1970s Hand Beaded Bag $29.99 |
1950s Bergdorf Goodman Tweed Pencil Skirt $74.99


50s Pink Earrings $9.99 | 50s Rhinestone Earrings $9.99 | Vintage Silver Necklace $19.99 | Vintage Brooch $9.99 | 50s Gold Earrings $9.99 | Vintage Teal Beaded Necklace $14.99 | Vintage Lace Chokers $10.99


1970s Black Handbag $19.99 | 1960s Christian Dior Blazer $249.99

Visit the Etsy shop for more amazing items!

Use code HOLIDAY20 for 20% until 12/24/2016

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