DIY: Vintage Lace Choker

I have four, very old, Singer sewing machines and tables (not a hoarder). One of the tables came with a chair where the cushion opened up. Underneath was a bunch of trimmings and miscellaneous things. I had a lot of lace trim so I thought, what could I do with this? Well, for one, share it with you! I decided to make a vintage lace choker and document it for you lovely darlings! 


What you will need:

Ribbon Clamps
Small rings
Medium rings
Needle-nose pliers

First, take the lace and measure it around your neck. Make sure it is not tight but not too loose and leave some space in the back for closeures. Once you mark your length, cut the lace to size.


Once your lac is cut, take the two ribbon clamps and apply to each end, using the pliers. Ensure that the clamps are tight and the fabric will not dull out.

After the clamps are in place, applying small ring to each side. On one end, make sure to include the closure.


On the other end, after the clamp and the small ring, add your medium sized rings. I added more in order to accommodate to customer’s measurements but you can add as many or little as you want.


And there you have it, Folks! Your choker should be complete!

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