Vintage Travels: Maine

Summer is the time for vacations and this year, I traveled all the way to Maine! My boyfriend and I actually survived an 8 hour car ride (GO US). It was a fun experience and definitely a must see for everything VINTAGE! If your thinking about traveling to the New England area, definitely check out Maine’s midcoast for some breathtaking views. Here are some of my must see places to go….

Damariscotta, Maine

We stayed in the beautiful town of Damariscotta. It is seriously just as amazing as the pictures. The mountains and the water were absolutely beautiful and the people are so nice.

Place to eat:
King Eider’s Pub: Delicious! It was great, casual food and we actually went back twice! They have a great beer selection and the food is very fresh. I ate the Crab Cake Burger the first night (delish) and the Haddock Piccata the second night (perfection). I definitely recommend stopping by!

DSC_0032Round Top Ice Cream: For those with a sweet tooth, Round Top Ice Cream is very well known in the area for their delicious, homemade ice cream. It also seems to be the local hangout most nights for high school kids so, beware.

Moody’s Diner: This is in Waldoboro, about ten minutes from Damariscotta but a must see! This old diner started back in the 20s and are made famous for their Woopie Pies thanks to Rachel Ray. We went for lunch but the place is packed most of the time and they are still a small, mom-and-pop type place.

Midcoast Kayak: They were wonderful with getting us set up in a kayak with proper gear and maps. We kayaked out to Dodge Point, had a nice picnic on the beach and kayaked back, taking in all the breathtaking views!

Dodge Point Trails: Technically, this is Newcastle but your hike will take you to overlook the Damariscotta River. It’s awesome trails with great wildlife and views.

Damariscotta is a very small town so we also took time to visit Camden as well!

Camden, Maine


Places to eat:
Waterfront: A lot of place in Maine are very casual dining. I wanted to have a nice dinner so we chose Waterfront, which was still pretty casual but people didn’t roll off the mountain and into the restaurant to eat. There is outdoor seating overlooking the harbor and sailboats. The food was great, I had the salmon. I definitely recommend.

Camden Deli: We were blown away with the food here. Do not let the word ‘deli’ deter you from this amazing place. There is also outdoor seating upstairs that overlooks the harbor and mountains. We ate the Fantastic Focaccia and it was phenomenal.

Sea Dog Brewery: This is one of five locations for the company. They produce very good beer, not so much food. We waited a while for average food and portions that lacked. I had the lobster roll since Maine is known for their lobster rolls. Not the best decision. Skip if you can.


Mount Battie: I hiked a mountain and didn’t die! This was the most challenging and satisfying thing we did. We spent the day hiking various parts of the mountain. We made it to the top of Mount Battie and the ocean overlook area. $12 fee for the day since it’s a state park but totally worth it.

The various shops on the main street are great for finding your family and friends little gifts.

I love the openness and feeling of freedom you get from being in Maine and it was an amazing trip. Highly recommend the trip!

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