The Vintage Brooch

The brooch has gone through many different forms, styles and functionalities over time and become one of the oldest pieces of jewelry in our history. In today’s fashion (and all of the 20th century’s fashion), we see the brooch as a style piece but throughout history, we see brooches go through many names and different cultures to serve it purpose: hold clothing together. Let’s take a look at some amazing brooches of our time. 

The original name for a brooch in Roman times was a spina. The spina was a thorn like pin that serves strictly for functionality for the Romans. We saw this commonly in Greek fashion as well where the brooch would help keep the togas together.

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Once entering the Byzantine Era, the brooches got much more colorful, as did the art. Eventually, with the advancement of sewing, the brooch became decorative and a sign of status. Each century created their own style to the brooch and through the use of technology today, we can 3D print brooches in any shape we want. The brooch will always hold a level of class and sophistication in fashion.

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We LOVE our 1950’s gold leaf brooch! Similar to Kate Middleton’s leaf, this piece is classic and can carry over into many seasons. Find it here on Etsy!



Pearl Brooch 4


If you are looking for a timeless, easy to style piece, well we’ve got you covered! This is our 1950’s silver and pearl brooch. Read more about it on Etsy.



vintage brooch


For a fun and quirky kid of piece, check out our Lady in Red brooch. This is a vintage, handmade piece that adds character to any outfit. One of out favorite vintage bloggers, Miss Holly, always has fun with her brooches and we love it.  Check out our Lady ing Red here.


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