High School Fashion Just Ain’t the Same

I came across an article on Mashable recently and absolutely loved it, so it inspired this post. The article showcased fashion of high school students in 1969, the rise of Hippie fashion in Beverly Hills. The article talks more about the Hippie movement and self expression at the time. I looked at the article and actually compared the students back then to now and let me tell ya, it just ain’t the same.

Highschoolers In 'Hippy' Fashions

Looking at the photos in the article, the students style in 1969 was so fun compared to today’s youth. While I do think the article gets “hippie” and “mod” styles mixed up, the pictures capture the true innocence of their free spirits. The students actually dressed up for school. They put thought into their outfits and they were¬†adventurous and creative.

Today’s high school kids barely put real pants on. As a high school teacher (don’t tell my kids where to find me), we have students totally engulfed in technology, completely uninterested in anything, wearing practically their pajamas in school.

The difference the last fifty years has made in the cultural norms is astonishing. People today wake up and go. Sometime it doesn’t even look like my students brush their hair.

I spoke with my mother about my thoughts. She attended high school ’74 to ’78, and she said she used to dress up for school. Even for her job today, she makes the effort to dress up and it was just a good habit she developed early on.

I believe people, not only students, should take pride in what they are wearing and bring their own personality to their clothes. While I understand the whole “I dress for myself and no one else” thing, I don’t think yoga pants are the answer. For me, fashion is self expressive and to have something to look forward to every day, like wearing a new outfit, can change a person’s mood instantly.

Fashion is a mindset. Look good, feel good.

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