Vintage Travels: NOLA

Last month, I took a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, to celebrate my friends getting married. It was a great trip and I took advantage of doing a lot of sightseeing to get the feel of the history behind this beautiful city. I went during the French Quarter Festival so there was a lot of food, art and great music.

The French Quarter Festival was insanely awesome. There were so many people and street vendors. All around the city, there were bands playing all day. Restaurants set up tents to provide us with the finest food from New Orleans and Abita, a brewery from the area, was providing wonderfully refreshing beverages.


We were sitting’ pretty on the Mississippi and soakin’ up all the rays.


I felt like everyday was Mardi Gras in New Orleans. There were beads everywhere! Handing from balconies, trees, fences. Literally everywhere. People hand them out (no boobies required) and it had a fun atmosphere. Also, for anyone 21+, you can walk around the city with a beer in hand.


I also made a visit to this beautiful church. I’m a huge architecture buff and our house that we stayed at was right across the street from this gorgeous church, St. Mary’s Assumption. This was built in 1860 and imported from Germany. The stain glass and workweek was all original. The detailing and artwork was absolutely breathtaking.


At the festival was many, many artists. There were so many types of art on different types of medium it was amazing! I made sure to buy a piece from a lovely man who made art and sculptures out of wreckage from Hurricane Katrina. Support all artists!





Check out some other pictures from my trip to New Orleans!

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