1920s Gate Top Handbag

The roaring twenties was a time of wealth and rebellion among young women. Corsets were fading out, hem lines were rising and fashion was evolving faster than ever. I came across this odd handbag that my aunt gave me. She didn’t know much so I asked around and did some research. Aside from the typical flapper bags you generally see, this one is called a gate top purse.


They call this a gate top purse due to the way the top is assembled and designed. When the cap is removed, the bag has the potential to open double in size, in order to fit everything a  woman would need inside. The accordion like top has also gotten them the nickname “bigger bag.”


This style was most common for a night out at the opera. The gate top style was generally seen in a metal mesh with intricate designs but this one is a beautiful jacquard fabric. The purse itself is really delicate. There are just thick threads holing the top metal part on. I love this bag because it’s unique but that’s also why I love vintage. It’s one of a kind.


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