Remembering Prince

The sudden death of Prince has shocked us all but rather than dwell on the loss, let’s celebrate his legacy in fashion, bending gender roles and taking risks. It was very apparent when Prince first hit the music scene that he would be forging a new path not only in music but in fashion and the way people self-identify. He helped inspire people to com out of their comfort zones and be the person they want by expressing themselves. Take a look at some of Prince’s best fashion moments from the 70s and 80s.

The 70s Prince

The 70s were the break out decade of self-expression. Hippies were everywhere, loving everyone and doing everything. Prince came along and gave people a sense of freedom. Freedom from society’s expectations for how certain genders should present themselves. Prince was not afraid of the backlash (or so it seemed) and it look a lot of courage for a man, at that time of history, to be honest with himself and break those boundaries.

Seventies Prince was full of bright colors and textures. He often wore a scarf and showed a lot of skin. He was not afraid of his sexuality and it showed through is style and image.

The 80s Prince

In the eighties, Prince took his signature blazer and created new shapes and designs to make it his own. He wore tight fitted silhouettes and added layers of jewelry and embellishmeGettyImages-498348964.jpgnts. Scarves and skin still played a major role in his signature style and he kept a consistent .

Even at the 2015 AMA’s, Prince’s style is one all of its own. Prince will forever be remembered and missed as his legacy will live on.


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