Vintage Travels: Fort Pulaski

While I attended college in Savannah, I traveled a lot and saw some of the rich, American history. On an overcast day, I went and checked out Fort Pulaski. The historical monument is wonderfully preserved. After we paid at the gate, we went and parked and we chose to just walk the self guided tour. After walking over the MOAT (!!), we walked the grounds inside the fort. There were two sides, one where there were offices and the other where soldiers were ready for battles. The architecture is quite beautiful and ornate considering the circumstances.

I love to think about what happened back in the day. To imagine the soldiers walking the grounds and doing drills. Looking through the small slit windows, envisioning the battles that took place.

Along the property, are paths along the water to take to see the wildlife in the area. It’s a beautiful walk, leading to a lighthouse. I find marshland to be quite spectacular and calming. It started pouring as we reached the very end so we ran back and cut out day a little short.

Fort Pulaski is definitely a great outing if you’re in the area. It’s a beautiful place and I highly recommend it!

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