1930s Vintage Jewelry Finds

My grandmother gave me this bracelet and earrings recently. The bracelet is so delicate and the earrings are surprisingly heavier than I would expect. My Great Uncle Jay found these while he was deployed in Germany during World War II. I am obviously fascinated by everything old so I did some research on these bad boys and here’s what I found.

The bracelet was easiest to figure out. This is a souvenir bracelet from France. They are surprisingly common but I have not found one with the delicate ornate details like this one. I was able to find so many versions, some with color, some in plain brass but all with the same landmarks it seems.

The earrings were harder to find information about. First, they are screw backs (as oppose to posts we have today). Pierced ears became mainstream in the 70s but started in the 20s for the rebellious women. Since there are no markings on the earrings as to who may have designed them, I’m kind of at a dead end. I still love their unique shape and finish.

My grandmother didn’t know much more besides that my Great Uncle had found them while fighting the war in Germany (late 30s to early 40s). She doesn’t know any details as to where exactly they were found but they have had a great journey (and maybe their haunted)!

1930s german jewelry1930s german jewelry

1930s german jewelry

If anyone has more information on these earrings, please contact me!

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