Leather Restoration & Preservation

I was going through things in my basement when I came across my dad’s varsity jacket from high school. For some odd reason, my mother thought it was acceptable to store it in the cold, wet basement. Just as a tip, it’s not actually okay to do this. So I took it upstairs to store with the rest of my vintage. Before you store any vintage, make sure it’s in good shape. Leather is extremely delicate and here are my tips to preserving it!

First, I simply dusted it off. If there is any visible dust, wipe it off. Nest, I took leather cleaner and conditioner and applied it to the jacket as per the instructions. I had Coach brand leather cleaner from a bag I had purchased so I just used that. It is important to be very careful when applying the cleaner, especially if the leather is so worn it has started to peel. Using a clean towel, gentle massage the cleaner and conditioner into the leather.


I was very happy with the outcome of the leather, I was able to see the leather look healthy again. Depending on the wear of the leather, it may need more conditioning. Next, when you are going to store the leather, it is important to decide to either lay or hang it, depending on whether it’s a bag or jacket. I chose to hang my father’s jacket. Before hanging it, I stuffed the sleeves with towels so that it wasn’t folded over in any way. If the leather bunches in an area, that will most likely be the part where it starts to peel.


  1. Cleaned & Conditioned
  2. Stuff it
  3. Lay (or hang) flat


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