The Classic Hollywood Scarf

Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe wore it, and I believe it’s totally relevant for today’s fashion. Yes, it’s the ever so classic, silk scarf.

The scarf adds a touch of sophistication. Throughout history, the scarf has been a symbol of class, dating back to ancient Egypt. Strong people all through history have adapted the scarf into their signature attire such as Queen Victoria, Beethoven and Eleanor of Aquitaine. This look would be perfect for the spring season coming up!

DSC_0048 copy



60s Vintage Yellow & Brown Plaid Scarf   |   60s Vintage Green Scarf

DSC_0052 copy




Grab this classic 1960s pillbox hat on our Etsy store here!




DSC_0046 copy


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We love out 1950’s vintage blue necklace!

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