Vintage Travels: Savannah, Georgia

I attended college in the beautiful Savannah, Georgia. I loved everything about the city. It’s rich in history and delicious food and the locals are delightful. In my two years of living in the south, I took advantage of traveling and learning as much as I possibly could.

Top Things to Do in Savannah

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River Street:

While River Street is the number one tourist spot in Savannah, it’s absolutely beautiful. The street is cobble stone and the buildings have so much character. It’s also awesome to watch the cargo ships come in to the port.


Alligator Soul:

Amazing southern food! I’m a huge fan of the shrimp and grits. It was amazing homemade food and definitely a place to stop!


Tybee Island:

While this isn’t part of Savannah, Tybee Island is only a 20 minute drive from the city. The drive out is very relaxing. I rolled down my window and breath in that southern marsh. Tybee is an amazing little beach town where many movies have been shot (Magic Mike XXL and The Last Song). Paula Deen also has her house out that way. It’s a town where there are artists on every corner and I even found vintage Ferragamo heals at a thrift store.

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Historic Site Seeing:

There are many tours to take around Savannah, all of which are very good. They all show you around town and have stories for everything. There’s even a haunted trolley tour (cheesy but it was still interesting). When my parents came down for my graduation, we went to the Sorrel-Weed house (right). It holds a fascinating history and the decor is beautiful. One of the rooms was even round!


The Paris Market:

The Paris Market is this store/boutique/cafe on the main street in Savannah (Broughton). They have wonderful home goods and some of the most random things ever. It’s a shabby chic, Parisian atmosphere but one time I found “vintage animal x-rays” and I wasn’t mad. They just had a great selection of things you couldn’t find anywhere else.

IMG_0012 copy

Social Club:

If you’re into the night life scene, social club is not a club but an awesome bar. It has great outdoor space, it’s moderately priced and the best part is, they start grilling outside at midnight and it’s ever drunk person’s dream. There’s always packed so it’s a great way to meet people. Live bands play there during the week and it’s a fun environment.

Savannah College of Art and Design:

Of course I can’t tell you to go to Savannah without checking my alma mater! SCAD does amazing things for the city. The museum always has breath taking exhibits, open to the public (their Oscar de la Renta one is my favorite) and the buildings are beautifully restored. They buy up the old, abandoned buildings and restore them into our classrooms! There’s a style week every year (I saw Alexander Wang a couple years ago) along with a film festival (celebrities in attendance) and a sidewalk arts festival (so cool)! It’s really an amazing school and I will recommend it to everyone.

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Of course there’s plenty to see in Savannah and just not enough blog space. I found some great websites for more amazing places to see:

Great Food
Best Bars
Amazing Sight Seeing

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