DIY: Antique Window Makeover

I’m always looking for a great DIY project to jazz up my home decor! I found these old, beat up window panes on the side of the road and gave them some TLC to make mirrors for the house. Follow my guide below to making distressed window frame mirror for your house. 

Supplies you will need:

  • A solid window pane. Do not get one that is falling apart or it will be too weak to hold the mirror.
  • Paint thinner
  • Sand paper
  • Chalk paint
  • Blow torch
  • Chisel
  • A mirror guy. I did not install my own mirrors, there are small glass shops that cut and install mirrors for a reasonable price.

First, my window had layers of old paint on it so I needed to use paint thinner to remove most of it. This took me a whole day for my three windows. Follow instructions on the can and be careful because it burns when it touches your skin.

After you are able to scrape most of the paint off, use the medium grit sand paper to get the rest off. You want it as clean as possible to have a smooth surface to paint.

Since my windows were very light in color, I burned it with a blow torch so that when I sand the paint away, there is a dark contrast. Next, I use the torch to take out the window panes. The windows (should be) held in by putty and we use the fire to heat up the putty so that we can use the chisel to clean it away and knock the window out. P

Tip: oint the fire at the glass rather than directly at the putty to avoid setting the wood on fire. Do not break the glass before getting the putty out— it will not be easy.


After your base is at the perfect color and the window is clean, it’s time for the fun stuff — paint! I use chalk paint that I love and swear by. I do two coats and it dries fairly quickly. once it’s completely dry, use the sand paper to gently distress the window. Start with the edges and then work your way to the rest. Less is generally more when distressing to avoid looking handmade.

Tip: Don’t press hard with the sand paper. Gently taking away layers will give a more natural aged look.

Finally, find a glass & mirror shop to install your mirrors. And voila….!!


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