The Retro Pant Fit

I hate shopping for pants. Besides the fact that nothing ever really fits, I also find it hard to find a shape I like. I love having a small waste and then my curves accentuated with a straight leg. I find that vintage pants have the best fit for me because they are also a higher waist and all of my juicy goodness fits.

My mother was big on saving all of her clothes through the years in hopes that things would come back into style. She was indeed right, and they were the perfect size for me! Back in the 80s and 90s, Victoria’s Secret and Newport News actually made decent fitting jeans with a small, high waist and enough room for my mother’s fabulous booty.

When I’m thrifting for pants, I try to look for this style because it’s the flattering on most women.  The pleating at the waist gives the womanly features air to breath while giving the impression of longer legs. Here are two pants we have in our shop:

BT_Silk_Pant_4   Houndstooth_Pant_3

Left: 80s/90s tan Ann Taylor high waisted pants with a black print on them. I love these pants because the rayon/acetate blend gives a silk feel and lays beautifully on the body. Get them here!

Right: 80s/90s Jones New York black and white houndstooth pants. My favorite part about these pants is the houndstooth. Its hard to find a thick woven houndstooth pant like these that have a wonderful fit. I think these are perfect for both a professional setting and going out with the girls. Grab them here!

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    1. vintagefiore says:

      Thanks, love! I’m actually already following you. I love your blog!

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