DIY: Wine Bottle Makeover

   I had this wine bottle that I loved the design with the fleur-de-lis and awesome typography on it. So naturally, I wanted to find something crafty to do with it. I had chalk paint from a previous project and I thought I would create a rustic style vase. Here is how to use chalk paint and get that perfect distressed look!

DSC_0012 copy

DSC_0023 copy

Reworked Wine Bottle


  • Wine bottle with design
  • Chalk paint and wax
  • Paint brushes (2- one for the paint, one for the wax)
  • Sand paper

Before we start, I want to just go over this amazing chalk paint I found at Home Depot. Americana Decor chalk paint and wax are great for a matte finish and makes distressing much easier. When I use the sand paper, it comes off in layers and allows you to make a gradual fade. The wax is a finishing agent that seals the paint because it is a fragile paint. If a thick coat of the wax is applied, it gives a more oxidized finished look. I feel like the possibilities are endless with this paint.

DSC_0014 copy

The Process:

  1. First, gather all of your supplies and make sure your bottle is wiped clean.
  2. When everything is all set, apply your first coat of paint. I suggest doing a thin coat, getting all the small crevices. Let dry.
    DSC_0015 copy
  3. Apply second coat. I wanted it to be a solid coat so then when I use the sand paper, I create a look tailored to my liking.
    DSC_0016 copy
  4. After everything is 100% dried and set, start taking the sand paper to the painted surface. I start with the edges; the lip of the bottle, the band design at the top, the flour-de-lis, the type and the accents at the bottom. Then I gently take the sandpaper and scratch off layers. It’s important to be careful because if you press too hard it will just scrape right and won’t look very distressed.
    DSC_0018 copy
  5. Once you are done distressing, apply the wax finish (use a natural brush and different from your paint brush). Without wax, your paint may chip away so I put a light layer just to seal in my paint. You can put a thicker coat of paint on there to give it a more oxidized finish.
    DSC_0020 copy
  6. Let dry and style how you please!

DSC_0021 copyDSC_0022 copyDSC_0024 copy

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