Book Review: Fifty Dresses

Since I am a lover of the history of fashion, it is only fitting that I find other people’s round up of fashion that changed the world to be quite interesting. The Design Museum‘s Fifty Dresses The Changed the World was a great, quick read and really looked at key pieces over the last century.

I believe the book started off strong, highlighting key moments in the early 1900s, starting with the Delphos Pleated Dress (c. 1915). This style was a very monumental design for it’s time. We were just ending the Edwardian Era and these dresses were extremely innovative.Mariano Fortuny patented his method of pleating silk for this slimming, yet flowing look.

DSC_2801 copy

The classic Chanel Jersey Flapper Dress is also featured in the book. In the 20s, using jersey on a dress was unheard of and Coco Chanel brought about the idea of comfort and ultimately encouraging women to stop wearing corsets. Another designer and dress that I believe to be innovative for the times was Mainbocher (c. 1937). He designed a wedding dress for Wallis Simpson which would end up becoming one of the first dresses to become ripped off by small bridal boutiques in New York.

DSC_2802 copy

I’m not going to spoil the book for you but there are many, amazing dresses in the book that are worth learning about. These dresses are the reason why fashion is where we are at today. The methods and the styles over the years have shaped the industry that we are living in today.

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DSC_2803 copy

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