The $5 Vintage Find

Once upon a time, I spent five dollars on a vintage Fendi and a vintage cape and I’m obsessed with both. And I lived to tell the tale..

So in my town, there are a lot of 55+ gated communities so it’s heavily populated with old people. The developments open up their doors to the public generally once over the summer to allow the residence to have a yard sale. Well I walk in and it’s busy to I walk straight to the back. The good stuff is always in the back. The first thing I pick up is this Fendi cross body. I’m inspecting it and seeing if I can tell if it’s real or fake (It’s actually quite easy once you know the trick but that’s another blog post to come). Anyway, while I’m inspecting the lady whispers in my ear “It’s real ya know” so then I start asking her questions. She hated the thing and her son gave it to her for Christmas and she’s never used the thing. so I asked how much. Five dollars. FIVE DOLLARS?! I was like seriously? Maybe it’s fake. I bought it for the $5 regardless because why not right? Well further into my research on the interweb and overall analyzation of the handbag, my conclusion is that it is in fact, real. So it’s nickname is $5 Fendi.

The plaid cape it’s laying on was also $5 at a different yard sale. This one had a piece of tape on it that read “1949 Army vs. Navy” so I pick it up (quickly) and run to the guy who I think is in charge. He points to his mother and said she could tell me the story. She starts off, “First of all it was a Penn vs. Navy game in 1949 and I was going on my first date with this gentleman. I had nothing to wear so this boutique in New York delivered this the day of the game.” I love watching people’s faces light up when they tell me the story and relive the memory. I love this wool cape especially because of the story behind it.

Moral of this story: there are hidden gems if you just carefully look.

vintage fendi

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