The Weird, Quirky and Awesome

I love all types of vintage and that includes some of the weirdest things possible. To me, they have their own unique story and the person wearing them had to be truly one-of-a-kind person. It interests me to wonder what the person wearing this was like. I found these three featured pieces all over New Jersey while I travel to yard sales all over. I think they are wonderfully weird and it takes a true fashionista to pull it off.


Susan Bristol 80s Paisley Jacket

While the Paisley print is a classic from the seventies, this oversized silhouette just screams eighties. I was really drawn to the bold print of the jacket because you don’t find that very often in today’s fashion. It actually gave me a feel of an old smoking jacket and a retro vibe. I’m a huge fan of menswear and I just fell in love with this blazer. I think it would make an amazing addition to a wardrobe. Shop this item here.

1970s Handmade Beaded Bag

I love this gem. It’s different but in a good way, like the purple hair trend. This beaded bag is handmade in Hong Kong and has personality all of its own. I found this at a yard sale and a woman was just trying to get rid of whatever she could. She was adorable and told me stories of how her daughter used to play dress up with it. A little part of her was sad to see it go but wanted it to have a new home. The bag is a great addition to anyone’s handbag collection. You can shop this bag here.

80s Handmade Lady in Red Brooch

Probably the weirdest piece I’ve picked up yet. I love this little lady. She reminds me of that episode in Friends where Phoebe made that sculpture of a woman coming out of a painting. She’ll just poke out of your lapel. I think she’s a true bold, statement piece. You can shop the lady in red here.

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