New Arrival: 1960s Black Clutch

I wanted to keep this chic black clutch to myself but it’s so beautiful, I thought someone could use it more. This bag is classic and so on trend for today’s fashion world. I love the simplistic elegance this clutch holds. The story goes:


I was driving around in search of a great yard sale. I came across this house that had a variety of things so I stopped to check it out. I found this bag and I always like to as the person in charge if there is a story that goes with the bag. He pointed me into the direction of his mother. She was so sweet but she couldn’t remember how old the piece was. So I’m searching inside while she’s talking and found a funeral card from 1965. She laughed and said, “well, that must have been the last time I used it.” She asked to keep the card but I’ll remember her face remembering the bag.

You can grab this one-of-a-kind bag in my Etsy shop!

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