Welcome to The Vintage Fiore!

Hello everyone!

I felt it was only fitting for the first post of the new, official blog is to answer the very important question as to why this all exists.

It all started when I was younger, in awe of my grandmother’s old china and house wears. Fast forward to my junior year in college, sitting in my History of Fashion class hanging on to every word my teacher said in his adorable French accent. I remember seeing vintage Chanel and Oscar de la Renta and getting butterflies in my stomach. That’s when I knew I wanted to be surrounded by vintage my whole life. I guess you could say that’s where my romance with vintage began. It was like finding my true love.

Any-who, the inner hoarder in my started collecting vintage piece after vintage piece after vintage piece. No lie, I have 4 vintage Singer sewing machines and 2 old iron Singer sewing tables. My parents had an intervention with me and we decided that I need to start getting rid of my gems.

The hardest decision is probably deciding what I’m okay with selling and parting ways with. I look at vintage as an investment and as an added on piece of my personality. Every delicate detail has something uniquely beautiful about it and I want to hold on to it. But that’s not the case and I opened up my Etsy shop, The Vintage Fiore in March of 2015. After a couple months, I noticed I actually really like giving vintage a new home but now I want more.

So here is the more. The Vintage Fiore blog will provide readers with fabulous tidbits of vintage that can be used in modern day. Vintage recipes that have fallen out over the years will live again and awesome, quirky pieces will have a home to be shared with the rest of the world. I’ll have DIY projects with a vintage twist or repurposing old materials to make something new. This project will constantly be growing so who knows what’s in store.

Stay tuned for what’s ahead!

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